Okay, so there's someone knew to place on your radar.

He name is Gbenga Saka and he debuts with something that follows the similar success of 'Black Mirror'. However, despite the show showcasing the best of our own Black British Talent (with Letitia Wright) getting a Emmy nomination. Saka brilliantly uses modern technology editing with 3K cinematography to brilliantly depict the state of our times. Hence we believe that the title of the film 'Smart People' is a pragmatic pun to show how stupid we have become, so much so that we take reel life - instead of real life. Our addictive love for attention-whoring (even if it means a life-sentence) is up to a high, and Saka displays this in the first incident with Miles. Then shows the emotional vanity as to how these new VRs and speaking cubes are going to be our aid for psychological satisfaction. We mean the symbolism of Jerome's ex as a cube may depict that she's actually dead...or is it just a sense of laziness that he can't face his ex?


In the words of Saka himself, he says that the reason for creating this film is the fact that he wanted to "...show the direction that we're heading as a society with social media and technology..."Gradually, we're seeing more and more films using this norm of field. Sheikh Shahnawaz has used this with 'Friend Request', you also have the mainstream movie 'Searching' starring John Cho that is set to be released in the US on the 31st August. There's also 'The Tinder Problem' by Krystine Atti, which was done in 2016.

Whether he becomes a filmmaker or artist (because we've been watching him as he's a music artist too this year) is his decision. Nevertheless, he may have something here.


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