London-based singer-songwriter George Taylor has self-released his new single ‘Ophelia’.

The single is a follow-up to his very successful debut release Give It Up, which secured over two million streams in just over a month, George has gained a publishing deal with Warner Chappell since; Zane Lowe then premiered the latest Spotify-supported single ‘I Hear Your Song, Sweetness’ on Beats 1.

Speaking of the track, George says:

“Ophelia is a song I wrote after a girl I knew was very sadly sectioned and had to spend some time in hospital, thankfully she has since fully recovered. After visiting the hospital it was something I felt I had to write about as it gave me a much clearer insight on the issues surrounding mental health, and the stigma that comes with it. The name ‘Ophelia’ in inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet.”

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