Remember what we said about the movement of Africa going towards animation as another avenue of entertainment? Click her to check out Peter Lay’s – The Degree Series.

Well, Illustrator Naiky Johnson and Dammy Graphics have shown us that the motherland, has its own sense of love for creating animation. Through their show ‘Ghen Ghen Jokes’, ;adding Africa culture and dialogue into the mix.

These skits are mini-shorts lasting between 40 seconds to 1 minute, which makes it easily to share and download straight away across social media. This short-yet-entertaining series was once the strategy Looney Tunes cartoons that used to air during nineties on analogue television. Interest for the show has gradually increased, taking their total views to 23,000+. We can’t wait to see more of what Dammy Graphics and Johnson’s funny skits has to offer in 2017.

The prospects of the skit becoming a webseries could be an option to team. It’s an exciting time for Africans, as this industry is becoming an extensive emerging market across the diaspora.

Subscribe to their Youtube Channel Ghen Ghen Jokes. You can also follow the comedy via @ghenghen_jokes on Twitter and @ghenghenjokes on Instagram.



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