Goldsmoke sent us an email about their newly released track “I’m Not Looking” that has a futuristic sound groove consists all things new technology with live instrumental of the electric guitar and the keyboard. We get to hear more vocals and a digital update on the new age of romance.

“I’m Not Looking” is vibrant and explosive. Fully polished in the glamour of rhythm and the syncing of harmonies. The chorus itself is very catchy and appealing, exposing the sibling duo’s youthful approach to the soul heard from the past. Goldsmoke continues to remain consistent with their sound after coming to the scene with their breakthrough track “Where Do We Go”, which brought the renaissance of eighties soul to the future. After catching got our attention with “All Fall Down” and “Like This”, “I’m Not Looking”, brings their growth that’s 100% shimmered in the glitz of gold.


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