Looking to get some inspiration to enter into the television industry? Well if you’re a young enthusiast of all thing production, screenwriting, directing or just the business itself, then this event is a big seller when it comes to first timers (as well as big executives and CEOs).

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The 2014 will be a big year for Scotland. Not only will they be hosting the Commonwealth Games, they’ll be hosting the biggest international television event in the world! Yes, THE WORLD. Plus, you get the chance to get advice from the biggest names in television, and when we say biggest names we’re not talking about celebrities — we are talking about the innovators and idea inventors behind hit televisions shows across reality, entertainment and the documentary, just to name a few.

Our interests is the next new talent in the Ones To Watch and The Network. Good news is that they’re looking to give 65 people an FREE (yes it is free) intensive introduction in working in the TV industry. Getting top programme TV skills from the biggest makers in the industry! This is the great opportunity to spend 4 days in Edinburgh to  have a foot-in-door experience in your dream career!

Ones to Watch on the other hand, celebrates the next new class of talent within television media. So if you already have 3-5 years of career experience and what a big upgrade then apply here. Full delegate pass to the festival will be given to the shortlisted candidates. FULL DELEGATE PASS.

This is the best place to network with CEOs and executives from the likes of ITV, British Broadcasting Corporation (also known as the BBC), Fremantle Media, Sky, Talktalk and Channel 4.

However, we still think you should be on the look out for some celebrities.

Tickets will be on sale from March 2014. If you’ve been convinced to go then purchase  your pass here.

Otherwise browse through the website www.geitf.co.uk.


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