NEW!!! Guvna B – Been Hustlin’


Guvna B sets the record straight as to what it really means to be on your grind without the pressures of society being cast on you with his down-to-earth music video for the single “Been Hustin”, which sees the consciously positive rapper reminisce about his own growth from being a boy to a man.

“Been Hustlin” is outstandingly hot, with Only Fools and Horses references to the king of all hustling – Del Boy. However, alongside that comes with truthful lyrics that gives us an insight into Gunva B’s own self-discovery. With the track immediately going straight through to the playlist of Spotify and Apple Music, the double-MOBO-mega-rapper and artists continue to be more of a positive light to the next generation. Think of this one as the upbeat take of Che Lingo’s emotional “Letter to A Dealer“, as we may be seeing an honest dialogue about manhood on the horizon.


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