Vanessa Roth has released her third film project, following ‘Dear Mum’, which stars Garcia Brown.

Following her role in films ‘Pretty Ok’ and ‘The Genesis Protocol: Reflection’, Kathryn Roth returns with a lead alongside Joe Wandera (‘Inside Out’, ‘Cleo’s Choice’ & ‘The Crossing‘). It follows a film looking into Zoe’s coping mechanism of split personalities in order to escape her tragic past. Despite it being short, ‘Half Of Me’ encapsulates a sense of emotion and suspense (as we don’t know what happened). Roth’s role as the mysterious Zoe might seem to make viewers prejudge the character as a disturb woman, but in the end, she’s vulnerable with her identity and herself.

Vanessa Roth took full control over the editing and cinematography, the filmmaker has developed her own style and comfortable with creating short dramas. We hope that she creates her own feature film in the future.


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