Hannah Jane Lewis has already experienced success with tracks such as “Why Start A War”, “Bend Or Break” and “Hide and Go Seek”. She gradually began to follow a further pop sound with track “Raincheck” and continues with her music with a second release of her new material with “Aftershock”.

The new single is less tingle and more a lamentation pop ballad. It’s very strong with a catchy chorus and a hard electronic pop percussion. Less soft and flirty from “Raincheck” yet it’ll make anyone going through a breakup, soak up with emotion with the build up towards the chorus. The singer has recently performed on London Live Sessions, and has done performances for Reload Sessions, Distiller, . “Raincheck” has reached 1 million streams, and is currrently competing to get the new single for a milli as well. Plus, she released the official lyric video for the single.



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