Let us introduce you to Happi, the north London recording artist, songwriter and producer who will break in 2017.

Having just released his sophomore EP ‘Boy And His Imaginary Friend’ via Notion Magazine, the long-awaited EP followed from the artist’s critical acclaimed lead single ‘Forever’. The 6-track project is produced by Happi and his longtime collaborator Komenz.

 Speaking about the inspiration behind the EP, Happi states:

 “It is a story of how a man can find his confidence, belief and purpose, through the guidance of faith and hope.”

This is presented in the form of having an imaginary friend (this also explains the idea behind the project’s title ‘Boy And His Imaginary Friend’).

 The Boy And His Imaginary Friend EP excellently shuffles between genres in true experimental fashion – switching from jungle and afro-pop on tracks like ‘Introduction’, to UK rap and R&B on ‘Southside’ and much more – in only 6 tracks, that comes together to make for one of the stand out urban record of 2017.

Championed by Capital Xtra, Radar Radio and Link Up TV, Happi is definitely one of the UK’s most vibrant and electric new talent who creates unforgettable musical experience with his records. Having successfully merged his London upbringing, urban music background, appealing pop sounds and positive message, Happi unforgettably creates a musical identity and experience.

After listening to the Boy And His Imaginary Friend EP, I think it is safe to say that Happi is definitely one to watch this year and in the future. We get a glimpse of the north London recording artist, songwriter and producer’s talent through the 6 tracks EP and we think this is just the beginning for Happi.

‘The Boy and His Imaginary Friend’ is available across digital music platforms.


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