From the director of “Closure” & “Deborah’s Letter”, Koby Adom presents his next film project entitled House Girl“.

Funny though, because this is his film school graduation project that he’s working on. The trailer is beautiful and clear cut, with an amazing cast & Emma Naomi playing her major lead role.

House help/House girl is a common job in many of the affluent/rich African homes, where they have house maids, who assist the main owner (whether it’s a mother, wife) in cosmetic duties. However, there’s been an increase awareness as to how these maids get treated and exploited (those who watch Nollywood and Gallywood movies should be aware of this).

Gloria Amanu plays the leading role of the house girl, whilst Selwyn Sackey  & Edinam Atatsi also stars.

Working behind the scenes alongside Adom are Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor (Executive Producer/ Producer), Aegina Brahim (Co-Producer), Mark Kuczewski (Director of Photography), Marco Turcich (Production Designer/ Art Director), Julian Smith (Editor), Eniraiyetan (Production Manager/ 2nd AD), Miguel Rodriguez (Sound Recordist) and Ryan Majoris (Composer).

You can follow the film’s official Twitter account for updates or House Girl on Facebook