Okay, we it may have been a while that we’ve seen webseries via our website. After the success of ‘Concealed’, more indie companies are taking the wheel and using the camera to provide fresh representation of the Black experience.

‘How We Met’, we seen loads of those Youtubers talking about their relationship. Right? Well faith-base production company Silverplate Creative, have let this refreshing webseries pass us by. With fresh faces and an amazing cast ‘How We Met’ has so far sturn alot of great comments from the public. Siane Mullings and Eke Chukwu are the main stars of this show with other actors such as Hannah Skyers, Naomi Fraser, Madra Ezi, Ben Salmon, Jerome Millington-Johnson, Malik Kaddu.

Created by Lori Skirrett, ‘How We Met’ has that little slice of the ‘Love Actually’ spirit, and you know we never get to see Black Love that much do we? Well especially over here that is. But with the success of ‘In Love With the Spirit‘ by Arnold Jorge ‘Concealed’, and ‘Adam & Eve’ perhaps we are starting to seeing a pattern of a Black British renaissance happening.




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