NEW!!! IAMDDB – Running


IAMDDB gets inspired by her surroundings as she presents her new music video “Running” which is said to be shot in Dubai.

With “G.A.F” having a purple-pink cinematography palette that consisted of harsh electrifying tonnes, IAMDDB presents a softer palette that builds to her becoming the woman that we all know and love, with rewind clips and different make-up that we’ll all use to do IAMDDB presents a sense of femininity and undertone gangster in music video.

Since being tipped one of the hottest acts for 2018 as well as the most outspoken, IAMDDB has placed her workrate to 11,000. Of course, she has upgraded her music video from her early stages in her career by having KC Locke from previous directors Stylez Conteh and Ellisdawg 2020, just to name a few. With her “HOODRICH” Volumes performing so well nationally and internationally, IAMDDB continues to remained underrated but undeniably popular. So much so, that we may need to demand an album for the Manchester madam.




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