With iluvlive becoming a household name with groundbreaking talent, who’d thought that these guys would invites us to their exclusive gig at the Barfly?

iluvlive #Hotlist2016 Gig.

After 12 years running (and still being on top) launching the careers of Ella Eyre, Eddie Sheeran and current day soultress Izzy Bizu they launched their official Hotlist gig for 2016. With Radio presenter Jade Avia hosting the night.

Jammz continues to grown strength in the Grime scene after his gig at the MOBO UnSung last year. His momentum is getting him support from the likes of BBC1Xtra and Grime Daily. Since he was the first act, he began with his track “Hit ‘Em Run”, followed by the best of his work such as “28 bars”. With sick beats and fierce rhymes from a rapper dressed in camouflage – we think he’s ready to invade the music scene. SALUTE!

Following him up was singer Lily Oakes, who had an impressive guitarist and violinist. Her music is eerie and dark – which is the new sound to the alternative rock.

Following the success of Melissa Steel was Taya (yes people, they’re close friends). The shy 17 year-old has been highly recommended by a host of publications that range from I-D to Hunger Magazine. As at this moment, she working with Diztortion, as well as a host of other producers from the States and UK. She’s already got everyone talking with her upbeat track “Deeper” and “Wondering”, but don’t be fooled folks, this girl knows how to slow it down and tell the story of love with her track “Round & Round.”

…Oh and by the way, both Melissa Steel & Diztortion were quietly watching in the audience.

Jack Flash brought rap, poetry and singing in the mix yesterday. The former rapper has made  headlines in the underground rap scene (in the Midlands) before embarking on a music career. Despite the ability to make the audience laugh, Jack Flash paints a picture of life that everyone can relate to.

Ms Banks continues to remain fierce and on point with female empowerment message; hitting the stage with her popular singles such as “Hallejuah” and “Say What”. Climbing up the music ladder alongside Nadia Rose as the next generation of FemCs, Ms Banks has being featured on Tinie Tempah’s “JunkFood” Mixtape post her win at the UEA Awards 2014. Make no mistake, Ms Banks knows what she wants and she going to get it.

Ending the night was Anjelo Disons, who was rocking it solo with his one of a kind electronic guitar. Performing his singles “Summertime” and “Home” from his recent EP “The Awakening”, we’ve already knew after seeing him from last year’s gig at the Queen of Hoxton that he had that rare spark of soul with that unique raspy voice of his.

Then the band took it out last night. Great job guys.



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