Following with her tracks “Wishing” and “Get The Feeling”, IMAN returns with a more experimental and yet upbeat sound that will definitely get listeners with “L.O.V.E.”

With dates already scheduled at the Camden Assembly (on the 11th of November), Oxjam Festival (27th October) and 15th October (at NED London), IMAN bring us a  cooler, electrifying bold sound that sets her ahead as a forward thinker, and an experimenter with her unique soothing yet deep vocals.

Could we say that she’s the split sister to Ruby Francis? Well, many would say that it’ll be far-fetched, but these two ladies have displayed their innovation within their genres of music and have always taken advantage of the uniqueness of their recording-friendly vocals.

After gaining support of Momentum Fund this year, IMAN is taking her love for pop to her supreme advantage.



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