It’ll be the first time that Channel 4 will explore the issues surrounding racial segregation in schools among Year 8 and 9 pupils.

The two schools that’ll be taking part are Saltley Academy, Birmingham and Tamworth Enterprise College, Staffordshire. The upcoming show will make the pupils go to each other schools and spend a night in each other’s homes Saltley Academy in Birmingham has less then 1% white British, whereas Tamworth Enterprise College has over 95%, white pupils. The new documentary television show is influenced by the controversial experiment that was once conducted in the United States between Blacks and White Americans. However, the British version of the experiment has been high consoled by both the parents, teacher and pupils who’ll be participating. Luckily, parallel to the US, the experiment is voluntary.

According to the Integrated Communities Strategy Green Paper noted that 60% of pupils from ethnic minorities are attending schools where they are the majority. Both headteachers of these schools (Simon Turney, Headteacher of Tamworth Enterprise College and Headteacher  Peter Weir at Saltley Academy) are very optimistic as to what the experiment would bring. Weir believes that the project will …build on our success in promoting inclusion and cohesion.”  Turney adds to the optimism with her leap of hope that the project will “…change hearts, minds, and perceptions. “.


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