After the release of his EP “South West” during the Summer, Dreads comes straight with a fiery upgrade under his PayDay signing.

Bouncing off from “Up Now” is “Chill”, with the music video released via GRM DAILY.¬†Taking us straight to back to why Dreads is the young illest that continues to rise to the top. “Chill” has those raw yet ounce-of-Britishness approach to Hip Hop. You can hear it in the strong blunt keyboards in the instrumentals, with Dreads adding the hard swag with his lyricism.

Here’s our favourite line from the track: “Nobody can stop me, I’m a Megatron…yeah I heard your song and it was Mega-wrong.”

Even though this is our favourite line, it does raise questions…Are there people trying to duplicate the spirit of Dreads…?

If there is, then they shouldn’t be! They should just be happy being themselves and find their niche. Still, resuming back to topic, Dreads may have got tongues wagging with this new glow-up sound of his after listening to his previous single “Up Now” that has a little of that Afro-swing spice. Go and listen to that.¬†


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