Isaiah Dreads presents his first EP under his new record deal following his first EP “Lights Turn Green” and his debut “Nuttin’ But A Mixtape”. There are two features from Eyez and Lily Mckenzie, and “South West” has been something that he’s been slowing cooking in the kitchen.

Having already reached 150,000 streams in the past week, we want to give our own share of the pie. Remember folks, it was US that brought to light about the Dorset artists in his early days. Hence seeing his progression whilst being unnoticed is a testament to what we’re about and why we should support hot players of tomorrow.

Get equipped with the first track “Believe That” sets the tonnes of the whole EP. It has a mixed of Grime and the melody of Trap. The track perfectly compliments hs standalone single “Where Have You Been?” as the rapper is more about the culture rather than doing things for himself i.e “…do it for the South West, do it for the bros…” 

Dreads becomes blunt and high-minded about his achievements and has already rated himself as the MVP. Why shouldn’t he? The rapper has been on his lyrics since the age of six! Nevertheless, his second track “Turn Up” featuring Eyez continues the fast grimey adrenalin. This one is a club banger. “Give me the mic, give me the pen man I’m ready.”

Dreads changes the mood to Hip Hop with third track “Real Friends” showing his versatility in the midst of the hard bass groove and piano instrumentals, changing the EP to a whole new vibe and energy. Could this track be a jam for your drop-down rides in the Summer? He swoons again with a little British R&B with “Blue Eyes” ft Lily Mckenzie with his own vulnerability of his own take with love: “I hate and love you at the same time, don’t really have time but I make time. I know you try and say that you wanna break up…I can’t cope yo’, I just wanna make up f**ck I’m a joke…I still love you like a fool would.”

“Breakthrough” sees Dreads as a storyteller and foreteller about his own story and rise into the game, which to some extent ends the EP on a sense of motivation, describing himself as the “…lone wolf…” who “…did what they can’t do.” In the midst of growth, betrayal, reminiscing, and discovery, Dreads understands the times that he’s in as a music artist and the accountability that he must obtain in order to survive in the game. The final track doesn’t see Dreads hold back as he goes straight to the some of the political and personal topics that affect him whilst not allowing them to withstand his vision “…my mind is in the sky like satellites, I’m on a mission, just trying to find paradise. Trapped in a race war, lost in the jungle. I’m trying to make pounds from rap. Take from a guy that wanna take my crown. Mentally drained, I’m on the edge of insane all of that makes my sound.”


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