Now YOU KNOW how much that we have a soft spot for Isaiah Dreads! The last time that we heard this single was at his first headline show last year at the Camden Assembly. 

“Where Have You Been?” gets Dreads all up in the topics again, it’s been a while after the release of his last single “Real Friends”. The single has the personality that equips us once again to the rapper undeniably fiery, fast and witty lyricism that we all know that Dreads has to KILL any opponent. Let’s be real, Dreads has a mind far beyond his age and he’s definitely ready for the game.

The beat has a strong grime influence on the tender piano instrumentals that’ll get you hyped up and pumped up. The tracks also spark a debate about the substance that many MC’s have as Dreads delivers with the line such as “I am King of the Ables…I got rap songs and I got grime songs, but what do you bring to the table?” He continues with other lies that is a testament to his work: “I’m out here tearing up the scene, f**k money I don’t care about greens cos man I got flava so much flavour that his single was added to the Spotify UK Rap Playlist. Not only that but he’s also unveiled the name of his next EP – “South West”.





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