The deep paralysis with sleepless with Insomnia is beautifully capsulated with the atmospheric thrill embodied by Ishani and her single.

Her mesmerizing vocals are built to a climax toward the chorus with the eerie sound effects in the background. It’s a plight of vivid and emo against the lines in the chorus that goes “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. The track is cinematically futuristic pop that consists of collapsed aggressive guitar riffs that are electrified with the melodic lullaby. This song places her alongside the likes of ISADORA, as she follows the new generation who’s not afraid to speak out their dark problems against ambiance-dark-electro-pop beats.

The percussion of the song represents a psychological turmoil that comes with the lack of sleep, beautifully compacted as a story within the song. There’s a quest to find a solution that comes to no avail, leaving it to death to be the solution.


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