Iyamah brings those raw-soul vibes has she continues to be the next best thingĀ  in the world of soul and R&B. With her raspy vocals, Iyamah brings us this deep-soul chill “Silver and Gold” following from “Cryptic Love”.

With those sensai vibes and the channeled spirit professed within her, we could be seeing Iyamah become the next new generation of soul flowing in the UK. Afterall, Mahalia has become a success after years working on her craft, and Iyamah had the privilege to support her on her tour. That’s being said, Iyamah has built upon her days being surrounding by Black music, from growing up doing African drumming and reggae to listening to the sounds of Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill. So clearly she does know where all music comes from (if you know what we mean :)).

“Silver Over Gold” has a blend of live acoustic against soulful R&B. She takes us back to raw live band recording, with those quiet harmonies and electric guitars base and just her voice being the melody. Beautiful song about the gems surrounding love. We hope that one day, she does a headline show and we get to see her live.


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