Despite stating that he may be influenced by multiple genres, J.Antz woos with his uniquely deep nineties-noughties R&B vocals that are versatile with the release of “Mystic Room”.

“Mystic Room” is just a tip of the iceberg of the singer’s influences in which he describes as ‘Timeless R&B’, as the track has the nineties R&B/Hip-Hop with the piano instrumental melodies that consist of a warm chilled melody set to be played on a hot summer day. His vocals as the nineties feel, and browsing through his Soundcloud, the young 20-year-old has a feel. It’s as almost we’re seeing another Lamar or even dare we say, Jagged Edge placed into one person and we all know how much the ladies love a man with deep vocals. He can switch it up and bring some attitude with his sound, and that’s amazing. Now if only he can release new material…

The young artist has been working at it for a couple of years, as he has other originals that he’s released such as “Don’t Go” and “Vybe with Me”, as well as debuts such as “Last Night” and “Empty Spaces”.


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