Jade The Moon take us to the road with ‘Hotels’. Inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s ‘4 ROOMS’, the band channels their experiences of traveling and in their words “…chasing archaic moments in foreign spaces.”


Taken from their album ‘11.11’, which is set to be released next year, Jade The Moon makes the sound of an affluent traveler. We can picture a memorable adventure of the different hotels, the different paths experienced and the new wonders of discovery encountered. The track ‘Hotels’ reveals a little about the group’s upcoming album, as viewers will be taken on ‘… an emotional roller coaster.’  The new songs reflect on the collective’s experiences as individuals as well as a group. Whether it’s ‘a moment in time turned dance party, the true story turned love song, a daydream turned eerie alt pop lullaby’, ‘11.11’ has made a music moment for you.


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