After his nomination for Best Record for his track “Why I Try” at The Unsigned Music Awards, Jalen N’Gonda releases a ballad “I Guess That Makes Me A Loser”.

Continuing to bring back the sounds of the rock-blues is N’Gonda’s new single “I Guess That Makes Me A Loser”. The single has strings of the old skool piano, with an emphasis on 60s rock. Following the likes of Leon Bridges and Aloe Blacc, Jalen N’Gonda gives us a heartbreak single that provides the classic and innocent depiction about love. Despite being American, with the free choice to stay in a country that brought us some of the greatest artists in the history of music, N’Gonda decided to come to the UK, which brought the world the likes of the Beatles and Rolling Stones. His individualistic non-conformity has endeavored him to experience gaining a huge sell-out of his gig in Berlin. He has also announced his performances at the Cheltenham Music Festival and a show in Islington.



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