James Smith brings fresh alternative rock with his soulful vocals with his new track “T-Shirts” that follows from tracks such as “Holy Water” and “Little Love”.

The vocals alone will make you melt your heart as the track places the focal point of a breakup into mind and tracing the memories of places and things of the past relationship. The song is beautifully depicted from a male viewpoint of breakups. The best example was when Love Island’s Jack Fowler (Oluwajack) talked about how we went to Tesco and spotted the soup that he used to buy for his ex. That triggered his memory about his ex’ favourite.

Indeed, none shouldn’t be a victim of a breakup. Nevertheless, the trademark of James Smith purity makes him the softer equivalent to Ed Sheeran. Already, his previous tracks “Holy Water” and “Little Love” has enabled him to develop a strong cult following, all on his turf.


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