Jazz Mino is currently performing at UK schools right now, but that hasn’t stop us digging into her pop anthem “Warriors”.

The new single is electric with catchy lyrics and a flamboyant vibe of empowerment, self-expression and self-worth. Not only is this track an hit, but with the beat and the popular keyboard melody, “Warriors” is set to be added on a couple of listeners playlist. Speaking of which, the single has been added to the Chilled Pop playlist via Spotify.

The uplifting single, in the words of Jazz Mino came from the time where “…2017 was  bad news for everyone…” As we can recall, last year was full of emotional turmoil – but that was last year. Now that we’re in 2018, we’re happy that Jazz Mino is just a few who wants to add a sense of peace and resilience in a time of uncertainty. The single itself splashes an added colour to the sorrow of black.


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