Get to know the man behind some of the biggest productions and discovery of artists that we’ve been supporting hailing from Manchester, who has worked with a wide range of genres ranging from Pop “Becky Hill” to R’n’B “Sasha Keable” to Hip-Hop “Wiz Kid”, as well as being behind the hits that have created Bipolar Sunshine and Hare Squead the hot new sounds of our time.

Introducing Jazz Purple, who’s one talented producer that has released his own first debut single in the midst of being the music maker for other artist. Combining those 60m streams that he has obtained under his belt and behind the sound of Harley Johnson, Jazz Purple presents and accolade cocktail of R&B/Funk and Pop with his first single “High”. Now sporting a shaved green hair-do, we guess that he has been a chameleon. Consider him Manchester’s answer to MNEK in London.

After listening to his debut single, you know what we are going to do eh? Browse, listen get to the mind of this talented musician. With Manchester now being on the map for music talent thanks to no other than IamDDB, Jazz Purple is going to follow, just that the only different his that he’s coming out from the shadows and ‘putting-respeck’ on the titles and artists that he’s collaborated and written for. Here are few songs that he wrote for Biopolar Sunshine: Pressure’, ‘Deckchairs on the Moon’, ‘Where did the Love Go’, ‘Are You Happy’ and ‘Aesthetics E.P’ 


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