Jessie J presents the third chapter of her album Sex, the third letter with the acronym R.O.S.E.

Starting with the release and testament of unconditional self-love in the realms of narcissism and social media with her video for “Queen”, whereby Jessie J doesn’t hold back as you can hear the lyrics like “Don’t trust these fake idiots, they don’t give a f**k” as well as the bridge “…they say that beauty is changing but f**k that…expectation from the real s**t…”

Not only does Jessie J celebrate the diversity of beauty, but also the deformities and abnormalities within it too. Having a range of women, including those with bodily modified skin as well as Muslim women, since keeping herself real, the video has reached 2 million views.

Her second track “One Night Lover” takes a more dark tonne of R&B with the piano instrumental and a trap-drum melody. Keeping things straight seductive whilst being honest that she expects more than just a one-night stand. With harmonies, and emotive lyrics, which is something that we miss in the realms of R&B. Her third track “Dangerous” is more loved up with an eighties-soul-funk that’ll have you snap your fingers with the techno riffs and synths. Not to mention the electric guitar bass within the single and Jessie J reflexes. With Jessie J being known to love and high influenced the classic Black music of Motown and modern day R&B, she does a re sample of Aretha Franklin’s/Mary J Blige’s “Got to Be Real” with new lyrical content with “Play”.  That’ll definitely get your fingers snapping and you placing this on repeat.


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