Joshua Maynard has already got everyone talking with his Levile Monologue that was only released last night. In a certain world of events as well as opportunities Joshua Maynard has been quietly climbing up the ranks as an actor. His acting game is strong, and has already worked so far with the likes of Duaine Roberts. If that wasn’t enough, he’ll be acting alongside Benny Sarpong, Michael Oku, and Kayode Akinyemi in a comedy called “Roadman”.

With his nice shaped hair cut and stern (but handsome) face Joshua J Maynard, gives us the lowdown about everything relatable to his career. Whether it’s the current #BlackLivesMatter movement, his love for Shakespeare or the recent Brexit, Mr Maynard shares his thoughts.

Oh and if that wasn’t enough, he lets us know that he has the potential to be an R&B superstar…with that handsome face of his, he can woo any girl at this rate.

Interview after the jump.

1. You recently did a Shakespeare monologue with Levile. Could you tell us a little more about that?

The speech I did was from Angelo in ‘Measure for Measure’. Angelo had temporary control over the city, and in the piece, I’m questioning why I have sexual desires for a woman I believe to be ‘virtuous’ and pure. At the same time, I’m trying to get her to sleep with me in order to free her brother (who has been arrested for having a sexual relationship outside of marriage). It’s a great piece, I had fun shooting it.

2. You star in “Cleo’s Choice” by Duaine Carma Roberts, but this isn’t the first time that you’ve worked with him is it?

It is the first time I’ve worked with Duaine. ‘Cleo’s Choice’ was my second ever project on film. With my first project still in post-production, and no footage to show for it. Duaine took a chance on me and for that I feel that I owe him because I was at an awkward stage where I would be contacting Filmmakers and Directors and getting hit back with “Can we see previous work or a showreel?” Duaine asked for a video audition and then we took it from there.

3. If you could star in your dream movie, who would be your star supporting actors.

I think I would have Tom Hardy, Kevin Spacey, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Ruth Wilson, and Jake Gyllenhaal as my co-stars in a massive ensemble film, directed by Christopher Nolan.

4. Are there other Shakespeare monologues that you’d ‘lurvve’ to act out? What do you love about these monologues from the greatest playwright and how have they influenced your acting?

I have my eye on a beautiful Othello speech that I’m sure I’ll use at some point in the future. What I love about Shakespeare? This will probably sound cliche, but I love the vivid imagery, the language and the text create when you get into it. You can really picture what Shakespeare is saying.

I also love how many of the themes used by Shakespeare is relevant and relatable today. We all know the story of Romeo & Juliet, and have seen it to some degree in our own lives or felt betrayal similar to Lago when he didn’t get the promotion he felt he deserved.
Shakespeare has influenced me greatly in my approach to a role. I feel the need to break down the character’s wants and needs to truly serve the writing.

5. Describe your personality as a movie title.

The Chronicles of The Warm But Distant Spider-Monkey.

6. How do you think the current economic circumstances (Brexit *cough*) would affect upcoming actors as yourself. 

In my era of upcoming actors, I think it’s always been tough financially. In this industry, the new wave of talent (see what I did there?) are expected to fork out a lot of money before we get anywhere, which in turn, discourages a lot of people, and will continue to discourage until we get proper backing from our Government. In terms of Brexit, I think we have about two years before we see any changes- good or bad. I heard about the second referendum and I think if we were to have another one, it’ll go completely against what democracy is all about, regardless of what side you’re on.


7. Do you think that it could be a wake up call to many SMES and platforms within the creative arts to branch out to other places in the world…say like Africa or even America? To develop a global film industry with other independent companies, actors and filmmakers across the Diaspora?


8. Many young people (which 64% voted remain) are distraught. So please give a word of encouragement. For example mine is “They got to keep moving; no matter the cost”.

For me, the main problem was that only 36% of young people aged between 18 and 24 voted in the first place. The age bracket with arguably the most important voice, the future leaders of this world couldn’t be asked to use their power. That is scary to me. But everyone found their voices on Twitter. I feel there’s no point in complaining about the result if you couldn’t be bothered to stand up and be counted. For those who did vote, I salute you. For those distraught by the result, don’t worry, keep chasing your dreams, hopefully all this scaremongering in the news, is just noise.

9. What can you tell us in regards to your next projects?! We want know (even though we understand that you can only give us snippets due to confidentiality). Go on Mr Maynard…tease us with a little few exclusives.

I can confirm that I’ll be working with the talented Olivia Fraser on series two of ‘LadyHood’ later this year. Depending on if they’re cool with me sharing this, I may or may not be filming with the incredible R.M.Moses and Monet Morgan on an ambitious new web series that rhymes with Winners in the Summer (the writing is amazing)! Also, I’m also developing a script, which I hope I can get off the ground late 2016, possibly early 2017.

10. Who else do you recommend that we should watch out for in the film/Television industry? Everyone including screenwriters and directors are welcomed to be praised in this question.

There’s so many up and coming creatives out there, I guess you’re going to have to keep your ear to the streets (and/or my twitter, I often share my contemporaries’ work)

11. If you wasn’t pursuing acting, what career path would you pursue instead? Do you have other talents that people don’t know about that you’ll like to share?

I’ve often been told I have a voice of an angel…so, R&B singer? Haha, only playing, if I wasn’t pursuing acting, I probably wouldn’t leave my house.

12. One word to describe Jesse Williams’ speech at the BET Awards this year. Jesse brought light to what many scholars have been saying for years. What are your thoughts on this.


I personally am sick and tired of seeing ignorant people try and discourage the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Or try to encounter it with “All Lives Matter”. We know all lives matter but at this time we are trying to focus on ours. Police brutality and racism is still very much alive, and the images we saw of Alton Sterling who was unarmed and Philandro Castile, who lost his life in front of his child was truly heartbreaking. On a more positive note, I felt encouraged and moved but the thousands of people who share in my disgust and showed this clearly but coming out in the streets of London and across the country, in peacefully protest to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Let’s continue to support each other.

13. How can people follow you and connect with you? Also feel free to say something random and we can end the interview here. Oh yeah…just to add, you can give a shout out to anybody.

My Twitter/Instagram username is @JJMaynard_

Glory to God. More is yet to come but since we’re here, big up to my family and friends, you guys are in my corner; love to the people I’ve worked with in the past and future collaborations. Thanks NWD & Levile for giving me a platform, thanks to Sarah-Jayne Butler for helping me believe I could do this, and big up to King Cas, for the conversations that changed and saved my life.

“Dogs have cleaner tongues than people”

Joshua J Maynard


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