J.Kas new EP ‘Snapchat’ has a mixture of resamples of big joints with that J.KAS sprinkle.

Tracks such as ‘All Night (Sugar, Sugar)‘ is an example of this, where the ¬†instrumental was previously used by Taliwhoah’s ‘Alright’. In true fashion, J.KAS adds his own flow and advance the instrumental with a little bashment.

Following ‘All Night (Sugar Sugar)’ and ‘Cold Love’ is ‘Fever‘ which has a blaze of EDM and a fusion of House. We think that his track ‘Fxck With Me‘ ft June B will be a hit, as it has the Trap Soul vibe that’ll have your head nodding to every beat. It’s one of the songs from the EP where J.KAS brings his gentleman street charm to woo over his female audience.

‘Snapchat’ is the final track that ends the EP featuring Ruell.

The EP begins with a fast upbeat dance feel before ending smoothly with Hip Hop and Rap. J.Kas remains consistent with his deliverance, syncing his lyrics with the rhythm of the beat. The EP may be small (only six tracks) but there’s no denying that it’s a sweet compilation of bangers and jams for your summer and ours.


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