Once the beat drops and Joey Base begins to rap, you’ll gravitate his storytelling.

This is a hard-core rap. No harmonies, nor chorus. From this track, you’ll learn about the Congolese-London native, who’s an entrepreneur as well as an artist. After setting up his own distribution label  Nuttin2Suttin, Mr Base released his first mixtape right off the back of the establishment entitled ‘Young, Black and Dangerous’ and follow up ‘Struggle Is The Progress.’ 

What can we say? Since the brother knows his game. Setting up his own studio gave him the opportunity to work with FunkyDee and Grime Godfather Wiley.  Currently working on his new EP ‘No Help For The Widow’s Son’, ‘Life Over Circumstances’ is grit and aggressive, bouncing off an afro-hop rhythm. This is the street story of Joey Base’s life all told in a hardcore British rap format.




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