NEW!!! Jords -15.12.17


Setting things in motion after the release of his EP “Before We Begin” is the Croydon maverick Jords and his sunny-drenched visuals for his track “15.12.17”.

What do we take from the Ash Riley visuals? One word – summer, and a calypso-chilled feel that sees Jords bringing both R&B and Hip Hop in one track, as we all know, Jords has developed his own captivate flow. Overall, the track is very chilled and cleverly instrumentalist that can make this one a undeniable groove. The ILUVLIVE Hotlist 2018 nominee has seen his EP among the top five by Jamz Supernova, as well as his music video get played across platforms such as GRM Daily and LinkUptv. Jords has a choice to bring an aggressive rap flow, but with the looks and feel with the music video, Jords reminds us that it’s good to be in love at times.


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