I LUV LIVE Industry contender Jords releases his compelling EP ‘Before We Begin’.

Jords is innovative with the rising resurrection of jazz. Combining with his lyrical poetic gymnastics, Jords brings passion and a rawness to his creativity. The five-track¬†EP opens with a little old skool inspiration of a classic resample with the track of the EPs same name, giving the listeners a little tickle into his EP. His second track ‘Working too Hard’ is will get you vibing to the beat as this track willing your head-bopping with its strong bass and calypso rhythms. ‘Cloud 99’ his the new age inventive approach to Hip Hop, as the track is eclectic against Jords laid-back tonnes with some punching fiery lines along with his little rap singing perfecting with the brilliant instrumental against the backdrop of the beat.

Jords has already released ‘Working Too Hard’ and ‘Cloud 99;’ as two individual singles. The inventive instrumentals and slick rhythms with both track have seen Jords obtain major features in publications Earmilk, GRM Daily, Notion Magazine and the RWD Mag.Having a whole year from ‘Means To An Ends‘, Jords has progressed into excellence with ‘Before We Begin.’ Jords represents the best of UK Hip Hop at it’s best.



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