Playground Sweethearts is a strip back acoustic from Joshua KYEOT focusing on a man’s forever love for a childhood friend.

The upcoming singer reveals that: “He has met her a bit later on in life and has regrets and is tired of regretting, so he is doing something about that”.

Having gained support from BBC Introducing, KYEOT presents another single that represents the rekindlement of love and the nurture of emotion. The track represents a story of a child becoming a man and setting the record straight about his feelings toward his childhood play friend. The single is perfect for the forthcoming Valentine’s Day and is catered to anyone who still nurture and cherish their emotions. Alongisde KYEOT’s deep voice is the strong guitars. If you ever need a love song to explain your feelings towards a childhood friend or playground buddy that you’ve reunited with, then this is the song for you.



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