‘Sinatra’, ‘New Manhattan’, ‘Power’, ‘Bad Feeling’...all these tracks are finally placed on the EP after their individual releases as singles.

With both ‘New Manhattan’ and ‘Sinatra’ sharing a similar sound of mixing of classic instrumentals, (that are just as good for movie soundtracks), Joy Crookes shocked everyone with ‘Bad Feeling’, where Crookes adds elements of trip-hop and hip hop against the soul.

The new track on the EP is ‘Mother May I Sleep With Danger?’ A rock-blues soul single that’ll have you tapping your feet. The best guess is that Crookes has dived into the archives of our mothers and fathers’ vinyl to get the classic sounds and has creatively picked up on unheard rhythms. ‘Influence’ is a massive debut for the singer who began the year with two tracks and was known for her acoustic performances. After performing at RADAR (iluvlive x Music Connex) and Live Nation’s The Source’ alongside William The Conqueror,  Joy Crookes has become the new soul sweetheart who’s destined to continue the legacy of British soul music.

Her voice is soothing as Billie Holliday, with embodied lyrics which represent her South London attitude. She’s a woman in this game who already becoming an influence in both music and fashion. So we’re telling you to give Crookes the R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Tickets to her launch party at Corsica Studios are still available to grab. 

‘Influence’ is officially available across all digital music platforms. 




  1. […] shortlisting her on our #NWDHotlist 2017 alongside the likes of Bobii Lewis, Ms Banks, and Avelino. Not only did she release her debut EP “Influence”, but she has also performed on Berlin […]


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