Gripping powerful instrumentals, Jules Rendell explores the essence of friendship with her single ‘Old Friend’ accompanied with a music video.

The former backing singer (of JP Cooper, Beverly Knight, X Factor, Gorillaz) hones in her craft by getting producer  Feranmi Oguns and  Bastian Testori from OL Music. The emotional singer sees Rendell shining through with her soulful vocals on an alternative pop-ballad. Following from her 2014 EP ‘Lotusbloom’ and gearing for her upcoming album ‘Imagine’, ‘Old Friend’ consist of a gritty undertone that is heavily displayed in the Dominic Döring directed visuals. Speaking on her forthcoming album, Rendell reveals her visions; referencing her personal journey surrounding her upcoming compilation of work, which is set to be released in 2018.

“When I was writing for the album, I felt such pressure around me; travelling at a million miles an hour but feeling like I was getting nowhere, concerned by how much sway ‘success’ had on my self worth. So I left London to see one of my oldest friends in Manchester and I felt centred again; I remembered who I was meant to be.”


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