Unlike the first single “Wine”, JVCK James also brings us new R&B with the second track that is on his B-side release that was release last week.

Loved our thoughts on “Wine”? Well, continue reading if you want to know our feelings about “Fear”.

Emphasizing more on those heavenly ethereal harmonies, gives us more of a similar notion of sound made by the The Weeknd, Still “Fear” has shown that the singer has been studying and working hard on his craft, and we feel that a lot of people will enjoy this atomspheric single that sees him overlay his vocals. He subtracts the pop touch associated with these types of music production and brings us back to the soulful R&B that is linked with ‘altenative” R&B.

Does this hint that he’s working on his EP, following this B-Side release? Who knows? We think that he should. I mean, he has brought all the feels after the success of previous tracks “Extroverted Lovers” and “Easy”. “On My Way” was the track that marked the beginning of a new fresh compilation coming from the young star. So we’ll stay tuned with his next moves.


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