Allow her to reintroduce herself. If you don’t know, then get to know about the new sensation Keedz.

Hitting it home with her first single ‘Grimeonology’ accompanied with a music video, ‘Thank You Mama’ takes us through her upbringing on ‘the other side of the river.’ It’s an acoustic hip hop track dedicated to the number one hero in her life. ‘Go Down for Them’ is an Afrobeat that consists of a grimey chords featuring SpeedyfUp.  The EP ends with Keedz working with the other artists who were chosen for the Music Matters project with Levi’s – Ferrucci, Kali and Delano Vacianna. Ferrucci is a producer who recently released ‘Old Thoughts’, Kali Claire wows everyone with her voice and has already worked with Not3s on a track entitled ‘Yours’ produced by Jay Jay Musika. This is the first time that Kali pulls all of the right stops with her voice. Then you also have Delano Vacianna who’s also a London artist. Have a listen to his vocals here. 

Keedz EP is worth the short but sweet term. ‘Let Me Introduce Myself’ showcases the rapper’s versatility and diversity as a lyricist and an artist. It also shows her influences of sound with Grime being the foundation and core heart of her music before branching in Afrobeat and acoustic. She stands strong for South London and has done the hard work. Now it’s her time to shine.

‘Let Me Introduce Myself’ is available across all digital platforms.



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