NEW!!! Kid Bookie – Drowning


WARNING: Video may be distressing for some viewers.

Straight from the back of his Shake Up EP. Kid Bookie slides away from the usual hyped lyricism and energy to deliver something more serious with “Drowning”.

With the mellow beat being produced by Lewis Cullen, “Drowning” sets dim waves in relation to suicide and rape. Despite the rapper knowing that the music visual is …not pretty, nor is it something I expect anyone to turn round and say ‘great video…” The artist has a sense of remorse about the struggles that people will have speaking about the incident. “Drowning” is not supposed to hype you up, but to begin a conversation as Kid Bookie explains: “…this is a conversation piece, a narrative of discussion displayed in its most raw, uncut from, break the stigma of turning a blind eye because we do not see tragedy, this is tragedy and I will never stop depicting the darkness of the world as long I live, enlightenment is a great torch to carry, do not stay in the dark because being comfortable allows you to not see, sorry to all the women and men that have struggled with speaking.”

The grading alone set the tonne of the music video from the beginning.The strong neutral and dim colours of beige, grey and off-white sends grim spin up the viewers spine, and with that you begin to hear the chorus of the track that gradually increases in the video. However, despite the serious and depressing, raw, uncutness of the visual, Kid Bookie has one strong message for the survivors: “…I’m no advocate but I exist with you.”



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