Kieron Boothe is definitely in the house with the official new release of track produced by KSun.

The new single follows from the release if his new EP “Clean”, which consists of a whole warmer with micro-sampling of guitar riffs and of course his undeniable lyricism, referencing a lot to his whole crew in the chorus “late nights cruising through the East End, late nights working with my gs-dem. I don’t know nothing about no weekends but my whole team’s strong no weak ends.”

Talking about everything about resilience, not conforming and being true to himself (hence the lines “if it ain’t touching my spirit I ain’t with it”), “No Weak Ends” continues what we’ve always known Boothe to be – a rapper with his on versatility and flow. Sometimes dark, sometimes surprising. Whatever the case may be, Boothe has matured throughout the release of his EPs and “No Weak Ends” is the evidence of the growth.


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