Scandinavian artist Kill J presents a strong electronica sound “Strange Fruits Of The Sea” in which she almost whispers overs the strong electrifying instrumentals. It’s a nod to Billie Holiday’s classic “Strange Fruit” and inspired from a sense of anger of that makes this song an revolutionary act.

The song is based around anger and the ills and prison planet as she explains: “…song about borders, walls, barbed wire fences and people trying to survive on small boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea. It’s about greed, about childish dictators with small hands. In those hands are peoples’ lives.”

The title of the singer shows Kill J’s passion for politics. Indeed, world peace and racism is on the singer’s cranium, and she makes a response by presenting a undertonne charged track that’s has sharp instrumentals, Kill J is able to metaphorically describe the perils of society in one single. We know, it’s very crazy…but the fascination of physics doesn’t stop here as her upcoming album “Superposition” is surrounded on the basis of scientific discoveries.


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