KWAYE does a double statement by releasing both the visuals and track for his single ‘Jasmine’. With his singles banging all over the clubs and gaining huge coverage from the likes of The Guardian for his ever exclusive 80s soul-funk-pop sound, KWAYE decides to so things down for a bit. Afterall, we are winding down towards the end of the year.

It’s the second release after ‘Lost In My Boots’, which indicates that the next part of KWAYE sound is more base on acoustic with a composition of slower tempos. Both ‘Lost in My Boots’ and ‘Jasmine’  continues to shine KWAYE forward with his delicate vulnerability vocals and love of blues. It’s best to say that many of us have underrated the young singer who definitely brings all of the stops to his music both artistically and creatively. His three EP, ‘Solar’ has three of the biggest hits that have made 2017 very fierce: ‘Little Ones’, ‘Cool Kids’ and ‘Sweetest Life’. 


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