KWAYE releases a part-pop-part-anthem with new upload “What Have You Done”, where the track has a club mix of futuristic pop against soulful vocals by KWAYE. 

It gives us the early sounds of dance with the ‘bop’ spirit from the era,there’s a more of a political message that KWAYE is trying to convey with this track. As you know KWAYE, is giving us life like ‘YASSSSSSS’ as a talented artist who is needed to be praised and crowned for his artistic eye on his own work and of course, music. Despite the fact that the track is about seeing an unhealthy relationship first-hand, he metaphorically addresses the “…lack of extensive teachings of Black history beyond slavery in our school textbooks, but equally, how history and culture and have been channeled through music.”  Hence the strong lyrics of “Secrets from the ones the came before me, sealed in the books that I’ve never read. I’m more than the thing you heard in stories…”

It’s something rather different from his smash hits “Cool Kids”, “Sweetest Life”, “Little Ones” and “I Go”, as this is strangely dark with a message beneath the service, but a single that has a sermon wake-up call.



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