Next new track is coming from the talent Kyan who follows his previous singles with a double-turf release with “Nothing Beyond’ / ‘Like Summer”, after his performance via Berlin Colors. 

Both tracks are completely opposites from each other. With “Nothing Beyond” you have a vivid tale of a underlining soul whisked with an undeniable aggressive rock blues with the guitar riffs and electric gospel melody. It changes falsetto in the middle of the song away from the dark underlining it carefully transcends to “Like Summer” where Kyan brings more soft vocals and tremor with the ethereal chorus and the sweet quiet piano instrumentals. We feel that the “Like Summer” is going  to resonate with a lot of fans and listeners alike. Whilst talking about the two tracks Kyan reveals that “Nothing Beyond” is produced after “…a major record deal came to an end and a long term relationship crumbled within the 24 hours.” He continues to express the great deal of sorrow as he reveals his feelings: “It was like I had been dropped in the middle of a post apocalyptic desert, left to figure out how to survive and how to find direction again.”  The singer describes “Like Summer” as a sense of resurrection after having “…a two year sleep…”; describing  the track as special and truth.

Kyan is one multi-talented artist and we’re sure that when we first saw him perform at the UMA Nominations Party, that he’s destined to be the new generation of soul. His voice is entirely authentic and yet unique. Haven’t heard of Kyan yet? Well, you do know about him now.


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