FIRST LOOK: ‘Guidance’ – Axay Greene & Larone Sinclair


With fatherhood, (specifically Black fatherhood) always being the able of discussion, Brum's newcomer Kyle XAY presents a different side without any words with his unique short film title 'Guidance', where he places his son in the spotlight and takes a little inspiration from the young Spike Lee in his work.

With no script dialogue in the film, you're left to make your own judgements from the beginning to end. On one end, you are following the everyday life of his son, from the bonding with his Dad from day to night. He also non-verbally explains the sacrifices that fathers make. Indeed, the style of filming isn't with the norm, yet you still have that essence of two lives that a father must live, with one being hidden away straight from the son. Going through his instagram, he has a couple of images that he took from the film, and the one that strikes is the one of his son confused with the puzzle. The puzzle is being used symbolically in the short, and it is up to you the viewer, to once again make your own discern.


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