Robyn Steyn presents her first psychological thriller titled “Lane”. A film that uses the swimming pool as a metaphoric relationship about society and ourselves.

Set in the late night hours of the evening, viewers will follow a woman who religiously performs lane swimming on a everyday basis, only to find that her expectations as well as the standards for this discipline doesn’t apply to everyday.

“…If you’ve ever been a lane swimmer, you will relate. If you’ve never been a lane swimmer, you will relate…” – Robyn Stern

Joel Grizzle, who has previously starred in “Environmental Products”, “Saiyan Armour” and “Urban Decay”, will star alongside Emma Lundegaard who has performed in a host of stage plays such as “Hamlet”, “This Was The World And I Was King”, “Hayfever” and “Coram Boy”. Clare McCall has a career across films and the arts. From short films such as “Lucy”, “If You’re Still Breathing” and “The Spider and The Fly” to theatre plays such as “Bury Me In Colchester Mud: Siege 1648” and  Colchester Curiosities”. Joining Stern to produce the first films with live underwater action are Phillip Bloom (Director of Photography), Robert Boughen (DP Assistant), Ronald Gow (Production Designer), Charlie Edward-Moss and Joseph Olleman (Assistant Directors), Geoff Smith (Sound Engineer), Rossana Masuello (Sound Recordist), Martin Waith (Sound Recordist & Engineer), Dave Mason (Underwater Specialist/Film maker), Joanna Fly (Editor) and Oscar (Musician).

The goal is to raise £8,500 for this project that will have elements of dark humour, underwater cinematography and suspense. There are interesting perks for your donations. So why not place the money into a short film that has the potential to get screenings on the film festival circuit. Support Support Support!!!


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