Everyone has been talking about a documentary whereby it gives insight  into the thriving UK music industry in the last 10-15 years.

While many are waiting upon the likes of a huge television outlet to produce it, Nathan Miller has just gone out and did it; making  the production and execution a priority before occupation.

This the among the first of music documentaries that allows the artists and influencers changing the scene to have a voice. IT IS THE TRUTH that has been taken from the dialogue of history of the underground that has shooked the pop industry.

‘LDN’ features the likes of 67, SNE, Reeko Squeeze and heavy players J Hus and Belly Squad. It has given appreciation to Youngs Teflon and a good background history of UK rap by Morgan Keyz. Other speakers in the documentary are Vicky Grout, DJ Semtex, Fredo, Kojey Radical and Jevon.

The execution was raw and it has done better than what any media corporation could execute.

Now we’re waiting for a documentary from Miller that deals with the Soul & R&B side of the London UK scene. If that happens, then that would place Miller as the emerging directors for documentaries.







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