FIRST LOOK: ‘Leroy’ – Nathan Bryon, Vera Chok and Karl Queensborough


After being selected at festivals such as Underwire and the London Short Film Festival, Morrison finally releases her new short film for the public to see with production by Michelle Antoniades, whilst Charlie Hanson and Bryon are executive producer

Not only is the short 'Leroy' cheekily fun, but it also plays on the importance of the identity and being flamboyant with it no matter the circumstances. With that being said filmmaker @marley_morrison  releases the official (that's right, we mean it as we're saying it) short that we've all being waiting after making the announcement of her move a couple of years ago starring Nathan Bryon.

The innocent portrayal and journey that Leroy (Bryon) had to face was one that need a little time. Set a sense of Napoleon Dynamite spirit with the cinematography, Morrison looked into the secret discovery when you realise that your personality isn't that of a Black sheep - instead it's just different, and just because you're different doesn't mean you can't shine in your own way (thinking of two Katy Perry songs like ROAR and Fireworks).

LEROY TRAILER 2017 (1) from Hazey Jane Films on Vimeo.

With the splash of colour and comedy moments in the film also comes with the James Brown slide of soul, and co-stars Vera Chok and Karl Queensborough, did an impressive job too in this Cinderella story of identity after loosing somebody that has inspired and enhance. Afterall, why do need to say anything when you can creatively express it. This one is a cult classic for all to see.


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