Ladies and gentlemen, meet Brenda.

‘Who is Brenda?’ you might be asking. Well, Brenda is a woman in London whose job is stewarding. However, what makes her job extra special is that she offers an alternative service. Hence why she’s earned the name, Brenda: The Alternative Steward.’ Created by a strong army of females with Ladies Wot Productions such as Hephzibah Roe, Kate Hanford, Ana Marie Muether and Hayley Mgee, ‘Brenda: The Alternative Steward’ is funny and innovative; placing women in the central heart and soul of creating comedy content. Also joining these strong femme clan is Nikki Natung, another female who is credited for the Sound of the webseries.

However, we can’t help but also salute to the men who were also part of the crew and made this show possible. Simon Prag offers his top class narration of Brenda’s moves, mood and emotions. Luke De Belder was the Animator for the webseries. Ross Virgo plays Roy (the boss) and David Monteith-Hodge delivered great photos that we’ve spotted across the show’s social media.

The webseries sees Brenda on her daily job, being resilient in offering great service to customers. Each episode is short but comical enough to have you full of laughs. The music for the show is also full of humour, as it’s a new acapella versions of popular singles; all relative to each episode reflecting Brenda’s current status as a steward.

Season One is officially completed and available for viewing via their Youtube Channel. 

Follow the show on their social media @letsmeetbrenda via Twitter and Instagram.


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