The second episode of ‘Letters’ places Tyrus has got his pen to paper and what he has to say is bittersweet.

Tyrus takes the centre stage with his letter, as it deals with the destructive communications with his ex-girlfriend. Nevertheless, Tyrus maturity about the break up is one of someone who has come full circle and is not hurting anymore but is fully understand the how, why and the what next scenarios.

Regardless of the gender, one thing is clear – we all go through bad relationships. At the end of the day, it is through these rather hurtful experiences that shape us and in the long run shape our destiny. In this episode, we bare witness to this through Tyrus’s letter reflecting on the begin, during and ending of his relationship with his ex. He uses the words Toxic, love, trust, laughs and so much more to try and explain to the viewer the complexities of his past situation while speaking confidently and assured of his side of the story. This is a bittersweet love/loss letter.


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