Lily KiingĀ brings out her nineties inspired visual for her track ‘Schmoney’. The trap-meets-R&B East Londoner has already opened for J Stash and has become one of MOBO’sOnes To Watch’.

Following from what has been done before, Kiing plans to bring out her inner Foxy Brown through enticing lyrics that deal with feminine sensuality and femininity. With cinematography from Will PresinerĀ and direction on Vita Camaro, ‘Schmoney’ sees Lily Kiing bring out her inner Lil’Kim, without all of the explicitly. Hot from the region and with only a year of work, Lily Kiing continues to progress from her early days from her song covers with an attitude that makes her an R&B rebel. She’s going to get her ‘Schmoney’, whether you like it or not.


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